A slap around the face with the cold, wet towel of electric vehicle reality

electric vehicle
April 7, 2022

Christmas is a time for giving, right? But the problem is that what you are given, is not always what you want. So, this year in the spirit of extreme generosity, I bought myself a car, a bright new shiny electric one – an Audi.

For my profession, I write daily about developments in renewable energy, so it only seemed right and proper to, “put my money where my mouth is”, and go the electron route and say bye-bye to molecules. Of course, the choice of an electric car was a big issue, but as my wife vetoed a Tesla, “It looks like a jelly mould”, I went the Audi route with my range anxiety alleviated, confident in the knowledge that I would be getting 252 miles per battery fill.

My first discovery was that the claimed range is a work of fiction, worthy of JRR Tolkien, “my precious” new electric car could only manage 130miles. This does increase to 142miles when charged to 100%, but the Audi app berates you if you charge to 100% too often; it seems that it is not good for the battery and could reduce your range, ha-ha!

“Don’t worry”, said the Audi Salesperson, “it’s winter; you are using the lights, heating, and wipers. When the spring comes, your range will increase exponentially”. Well, ‘spring has sprung, the grass is ris, and I wonder where the increased range is’? That’s a little harsh because the range has increased, I get an extra 5 % now (that’s British sarcasm, btw). 

Perhaps I might have the last laugh with fuel prices currently going through the roof, I can travel more economically. But that’s a gift that I don’t really want. I would much prefer peace in Europe and no energy shortage.

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