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In an energy market that is transitioning to low carbon generation sources, good public relations is the essential ingredient that will position your company above the industry “chatter”, presenting your customers with a clear understanding of your companies environmental strategy and the products and services you offer.
Stephen Ballard, Managing Director at BCM Public Relations
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BCM Public Relations is a leading energy PR company

BCM Public Relations is a premier energy PR agency leading the charge in an ever-evolving energy sector. Our vast experience, in-depth knowledge, and long-standing relationships with key publication editors globally ensure your products and services gain the prominence they deserve. We’re committed to effectively communicating the advantages of your energy solutions, amplifying your presence in the energy PR landscape amidst its significant transformation. Trust in our proven expertise and extensive network to deliver tangible results. Why settle for anything less when your brand demands the best?

Energy PR Experience

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Energy Public Relations Across All Media: Elevating Your Brand to Headline Status

Our profound insight into the energy sector and our team of expert energy PR writers enable us to guide you through every step—from generation to transmission and supply—enhancing your market presence.


We will help you define key messages in line with energy sector needs and trends, increase social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) traction to energy operators, develop internal and external communication plans to promote your products and services, maximize your presence at conferences and events, create thought leadership articles to grab the headlines in key energy sector publications and increase coverage of your press releases.


An energy PR agency, and a partner to help you grow

Whether power generation, transmission, distribution, supply, Smart Grids or billing, and whether traditional energy solutions or renewables (see renewables pr), we will work with you to understand your business and your values and promote these to the energy market. Our experience in promoting solutions to the energy sector (including new energy PR) means we can advise of the best ways to get you noticed and deliver results that will grow your business.


A leading energy PR firm that keeps pace with the latest energy sector trends and technologies

We proactively stay abreast of the latest developments in the power industry, including artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data, blockchain, the impact of electric mobility, self-generation, meshed distribution grids, smart grids, energy storage, environmental impact, and more. The energy industry is hungry for news, information and opinions on the latest trends that are shaping its future whether you are a generator, consumer or prosumer – and the potential in terms of public relations and brand awareness are colossal. We will increase your share of voice in the international media, no matter what product or service you supply to the energy sector.

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What’s Our Track Record in the Energy Sector?

We’re a PR firm deeply invested in our clients’ outcomes, having achieved considerable success in the Energy PR domain. While confidentiality agreements cover much of our work, we’re eager to share case studies and discuss your unique PR needs, providing insights into potential outcomes.

Staying Abreast of Market Trends & News

Our team’s daily immersion in the energy PR sector, managing a diverse portfolio of international clients, ensures we’re synchronized with the industry’s heartbeat. BCM’s unrivalled domain expertise sets us apart from our competitors.

Your Dedicated Account Management

At BCM, exceptional customer service is at our core. From day one, a seasoned account manager will oversee your project, fostering a deep understanding of your business and our domain insight to drive the highest calibre of PR outcomes and ROI.

Communication Frequency

BCM takes pride in our enduring client relationships, some spanning over four decades, underscored by regular and consistent communication. We’re always available to discuss your PR goals and address any inquiries you might have.

Integrating PR with Your Wider Marketing Efforts

Our sophisticated real-time project management software is engineered to integrate flawlessly with your overall marketing strategy. It facilitates the capture and assimilation of web traffic and leads from PR campaigns into systems like or HubSpot. By offering a consolidated perspective of your PR and marketing endeavors, we empower you to meticulously assess the impact of your promotional investments meticulously, ensuring optimized performance and strategic coherence.

Testimonials from our clients in the energy sector

BCM understands the generation, transmission and distribution PR business and most importantly know the key industry editors. Siemens has successfully worked with BCM to produce quality thought leadership articles, in addition to interviews at industry events.

We’re engaged with the energy industry.
We like nothing more than a new communications challenge.


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