The power industry is changing with increased diversity of supply including the full spectrum of renewables, wind, PV and tidal. The smart meter revolution is either with us or is being rolled out now and energy efficiency has become a focus as society tackles the challenge of climate change. In this fluid energy market, good public relations is the essential ingredient that will position your company above the industry “chatter” presenting your customers with a clear understanding of the products and services you offer.

Communicating the impact that the latest industry developments such as artificial intelligence and big data will have, presents an ideal opportunity for your company to present a thought leadership position, by writing articles and placing that content into the most respected industry and general news media.

Meshed distribution grids and applying storage on top will enable different power grids for the future. Electric mobility will have a huge impact on our transport infrastructure and smart grids will deliver power from multiple energy sources including self-generation. New developments such as blockchain are set to revolutionise energy contracts and billing. The amount of news potential across these subject areas is colossal, and your company must ensure that it gets its share of voice in the international media no matter what energy product or service you supply.

Power PR Agency Industry Experience

  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Smart Grid
  • Billing

Client Testimonial

Power PR Agency for Siemens Energy

Matias Ernst, Vice President Communications at Siemens Energy Management

BCM understand the generation, transmission and distribution PR business and most importantly know the key industry editors. Siemens has successfully worked with BCM to produce quality thought leadership articles, in addition to interviews at industry events”.

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