Introducing BCM Media Share of Voice Reports

February 14, 2024

It’s what you have all been waiting for, the rumours are true BCM has launched the first in a series of Media Share of Voice Reports.  This comprehensive benchmarking tool will clearly identify those companies that have been most active in generating earned PR coverage within a whole variety of vertical markets.

Research Methodology

We have developed our own advanced earned PR coverage monitoring tool, and yes it leverages AI technology. The system tracks and analyses news articles and press releases related within a specific industry clearly identifying the main “movers and shakers”. Our calculations are based on the percentage of total media exposure within a carefully defined media landscape (the leading trade media titles in a given vertical market), this method provides accuracy by excluding media that are not relevant to that vertical market.

The Industrial Robotics Edition

The launch edition of the report highlights the companies with the highest media share of voice within the industrial robotics sector. Our analysis focuses on prominent media titles catering to this sector, encompassing both print and online publications. By evaluating the share of voice, we provide a valuable benchmark for assessing PR performance and market visibility.

Findings: Industrial Robotics

The research findings unveiled a company with a substantial share of voice at 33 percent. The company demonstrated high visibility across diverse media channels, securing prominent coverage in mainstream and industry-specific publications. Factors such as innovative initiatives and industry recognition contributed to its dominant presence during the research period.

The company which emerged in 2nd place had over 9 percent share of voice. These results are unusual, clearly demonstrating that the leader in our Industrial Robotics Media Share of Voice survey had a significant lead in visibility over its peers, underscoring its strong market standing and positive public perception. Some of the top companies analysed as part of the research included ABB, Toyota Material Handling, Mitsubishi, Boston Dynamics, Schneider Electric, Kuka, Fanuc, iRobot, Universal Robots, Yaskawa, Omron, Clearpath Robotics, Zebra Technologies, Yamaha, Epson, Kawasaki, Midea, Stäubli, Comau, and Softbank Robotics.

Upcoming Edition

At BCM, we are committed to providing actionable insights and valuable benchmarks to empower companies in navigating the complex landscape of B2B PR. Up next, we investigate the top hydrogen companies based on their media exposure in 2023. Stay tuned for more updates and industry insights from BCM Public Relations.

To download the full report and delve deeper into the insights for industrial robotics, click here.

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