Takeaways from the Energy Event 2016

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September 19, 2016
As the Energy Event 2016, which claims to attract over 7,000 people came to a close in Birmingham, UK last week, our MD Stephen Ballard recounts his thoughts on the event.

The energy sector is no doubt complex and challenging. Understanding government regulations, economics, the latest technologies and how they can meet your company’s needs is a recipe for migraines. Renewable energy was undoubtedly the focus of interest and continues to capture the highest share of global investment. More and more countries are getting on the renewable energy bus in order to meet government policies and/or consumer demand.

On that note, the US has recently completed its first offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island with an undergoing plan to reach 86,000 MW by 2050. Almost enough to power the UK.

Sharp Electronics Corporation’s Energy Systems and Services Group have successfully established the first solar energy storage market in New Mexico. While turbine makers in India are looking into combining solar and wind energy for more reliable and cost effective results.

The Energy Event provided plethora of seminars, some of the more enlightened ones focused on the business model of renewables. Others, offered updates on market policy and risk and market opportunities of the energy storage model. No Elon wasn’t present!

On Tuesday, Jacob Hayler of the Environmental Services Association; Stuart Hayward-Higham of SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK; and Dan Cooke of Viridor, discussed the global outlook of energy from waste and emphasised on the socio-political and economic factors operating the growth of energy from waste.

So in the future energy could be rubbish 🙂 !

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