Decoding Influence: World Hydrogen Summit Exhibitors Silent in Media

May 16, 2024

The world’s largest hydrogen event, World Hydrogen Summit, saw participants from 130 countries and 500+ exhibitors. The global platform to discuss projects, policies, and strategies continues to expand in size and stature.

Participants understand the importance of building an interest and dialogue about the crucial role of hydrogen in the energy transition. Media visibility plays a key role in effectively relaying these messages of promise, progress, and challenges to accelerate a hydrogen-powered ecosystem.

The latest BCM Media Share of Voice Report, World Hydrogen Summit Edition, reveals that 53% of exhibiting companies were completely absent from media conversations in the 12 months leading up to the summit. The analysis also shows that the top 20 companies make more than half of the noise, securing a 56% share of voice in the hydrogen news.

Among the standout performers, Shell emerges as the dominant voice, securing nearly 10% of the media share of voice, closely followed by BP with 7.5%. Both companies exhibit consistent thought leadership and coverage across global newswires and industry outlets, reaffirming their positions as leaders in the energy sector.

Leading exhibitors such as Plug Power, Fuel Cell Systems, Linde, RWE, Siemens Energy, and ExxonMobil feature prominently in the report, reflecting their established presence and contributions to the hydrogen narrative. However, the substantial lead of the top two performers underscores the challenge for other companies to match their influence and gain media visibility.

The absence of numerous leading companies from media conversations surrounding hydrogen emphasises the urgent need for enhanced strategic communication efforts within the sector. The insights from BCM Media Share of Voice Report will help these companies understand their visibility levels and strategically position themselves for future discussions.

Click here to view the full report and learn more about the media visibility of exhibitors from the World Hydrogen Summit 2024.

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