Blogging as a Business Person

October 8, 2013

Humanising your brand by blogging as an individual rather than under the auspices of your company can be risky business. Communicating your brand’s message whilst also encouraging your readers to think of you as an individual, with your own tailored thoughts and opinions, can be challenging.


We’ve put together a handy list of rules for those wanting to bridge the blogging gap. Here’s how to write a business blog that can incorporating your company’s messages and your own personal style:

B is for Brand. Always remember that as a company blogger, you are effectively a company mascot. The values that you portray in your blog should always complement those of your company’s.  This can be achieved, while also embracing the freedom of a personal blog, by taking the opportunity to comment on topics that may be outside of your company’s scope of authority. Giving your opinion on relevant industry-related current affairs, for example, is a great way to stay brand aware, while also giving your opinion.

L is for Language. The language, and tone of voice, that you apply in your blog can be more colloquial than a company managed blog. But, the language that you use must still demonstrate a thorough industry and brand knowledge. Use the blog to demonstrate your industry experience. Telling an interesting anecdote from something that you achieved or learned while at a business conference, for instance, is a good way to impart some of your unique business acumen.

O is for Outline. Write yourself an outline of four or five points to cover in each blog, making sure that they always relate back to your company in some way. This can be anything from industry news to company achievements, or your personal achievements as an employee. This simple measure will ensure that you don’t go off topic, and that each blog post is clear and concise.

G is for ‘Getting it out there’. Finally, once your business blog is written, you will need to share it with your target audience through your various social media platforms. Linkedin is the home of the ‘business person’ online; try leveraging your business blog on relevant Linkedin groups by following the top tips laid out in our previous blog [https://bcmpublicrelations.comblog/b2b-pr-leveraging-the-new-linkedin-groups/].

And, what does that spell?! Blog!

Follow these four simple personal-business-blogging tips to start putting a face, and a personality, to your business blog.

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