Breaking Through the Hydrogen Hype: BCM Identifies Media Standouts

March 6, 2024

In the fast-changing world of hydrogen energy, companies must maintain visibility to lead the way in the energy transition. To help guide you through the complex web of media coverage and identify the key players shaping the narrative BCM brings you the Hydrogen edition of the BCM Media Share of Voice Report.

To construct this report, BCM used the ’50 Hydrogen Companies to Watch in 2024′ as listed by Reuters Events in their latest report. This guide provided the foundation for identifying the leading voices in the hydrogen industry between January and December 2023.

Using advanced monitoring tools powered by AI, BCM tracked and analysed news articles and announcements across selected global news and top trade outlets to identify the share of voice per organisation between January and December 2023.


The spotlight is on BP, emerging as the leader with a significant share of voice nearing 14%. BP’s consistent visibility across diverse media platforms underscores its strong presence in the hydrogen discourse. With prime coverage in news and industry-specific publications, BP sets the pace for its competitors, cementing its position at the forefront of the hydrogen movement.

Trailing closely behind, Toyota and Chevron establish their presence in the higher ranks of media visibility with a share of voice at 10% and 9%, respectively. Although BP leads the way, the proximity of Toyota and Chevron reflects the dynamic competition driving innovation and progress in the hydrogen sector.

Complete Rankings:

Beyond BP, Toyota, and Chevron, a group of established and rising companies compete for attention. The research analyses the top 50 global companies, including Total Energies, Equinor, RWE, Air Liquide, and Linde, among others.

In conclusion, the Hydrogen edition of the BCM Media Share of Voice Report offers insights into who is making the most noise in the hydrogen energy market. As we address the challenges of sustainability and innovation, these rankings highlight the companies that are most vocal, steering stakeholders toward a hydrogen-driven future.

To download the full report and delve deeper into the insights for hydrogen, please click here.

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