B2B PR: Leveraging the new Linkedin Groups

August 29, 2013


As part of on-going efforts to make them easier and simpler to use, Linkedin groups have been given a new streamlined look. If you aren’t already, now is the time to get your B2B PR campaign Linked in.

Using carefully selected Linkedin groups as a platform to share your company’s latest content is a great way to get heard by the people that matter. Linkedin Groups come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has the potential to influence key people.

Here are bcm’s three top tips on finding & leveraging the best Linkedin Groups:

Bigger isn’t always better.

Niche groups with smaller followings can be great platforms for targeting the most important and influential people. If your content inspires one of these key influencers to interact through the ‘Like’ ‘Comment’, or ‘Share’ functions, this has the power to create a ripple effect; spreading your content through their wealth of connections.

These groups can often be found by checking a key industry influencer’s Linkedin page to see which groups they are an active member of.

Assert yourself

If a group manager is taking a long time to approve your request to join their group, why not send them a quick message explaining what your expertise could add to the group’s discussion. This doesn’t have to be pushy, just introduce yourself and let the manger know a selection of key topics that you plan to discuss. This also has the added benefit of giving you a natural introduction to an industry figurehead.


There are over 2 million Linkedin groups and, unfortunately, many of these are badly managed. Make a thorough analysis of each group; for a Linkedin Group to be valuable it will need to have:

Following these points and using Linkedin’s built-in group analytics to assess the group’s activity and member demographics will ensure that every group you join will be valuable.

There are groups to suit almost every industry from Aviation to Oil and Gas. This means that rifling through the hoards of irrelevant groups can be time-consuming, but there’s bound to be a selection that will be perfect for housing your organisation’s content.

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