B2B Blogging for new client ACO

July 3, 2012

BCM is proud to announce the launch of two blogs for our new client ACO, the water management and drainage systems experts. We created two separate blogs to focus on different aspects of ACO’s work in promoting efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly drainage solutions.


The Drainage Journal is a topical, industry-focused blog that explores drainage, water management issues, and the development of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). Discussions include new developments and legislation on SUDS and its capacity to combat drainage shortfalls that have contributed to events like the UK’s recent flooding. This blog, from Britain’s leading exponent of SUDS, is directed at legislation makers and industry professionals and will drip-feed information to increase public awareness of the importance of effective surface water management.


The ACO Hub blog serves to keep people up-to-date with the interests, activities, and investments of ACO Water Management and its people. The Hub will share ACO’s company news and sponsorship activity with its followers, from  supporting major sporting events, to the creation of educational projects for schools.

Both the Drainage Journal and the ACO Hub will provide valuable information resources and will form the core of ACO’s future social media campaigns and digital engagement.

Visit the Drainage Journal and the ACO Hub to see for yourself…

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