With decades of experience in Oil and Gas PR for technology and service providers, we have the specialist knowledge, expertise, and industry contacts to increase your share of market voice and reach more customers globally.

Global Oil and Gas PR Expertise

“If your business or Government wants to drive conversations in the oil & gas industry you need to partner with a PR agency that truly understands how the oil and gas industry works, the current opportunities, and future challenges, including the new ‘green’ agenda. BCM Public Relations are one of the longest-established international PR agencies specializing in this sector. We know the key global influencers, editors and correspondents, media titles, and the events that influence your customers.” Stephen Ballard, Managing Director at BCM Public Relations

Oil & gas PR to move your business forward

The oil & gas industry has undergone many changes in recent years. More volatile pricing, a need for cleaner energy sources, shifting geopolitics, new energies, aging fields, and new technologies have all played their part. The result has been a mixture of postponed or canceled projects, new opportunities made viable through advancing technology, and different project goals or KPIs. Your business’s message needs to keep pace with trends and issues faced by the industry and probably needs to adapt to the new ‘green’ agenda. In an industry where competition is tougher than ever, we have the PR and industry expertise to ensure your strategy is understood and that your voice is heard by all of your stakeholders globally through carefully placed thought leadership content .

Working across all oil and gas media throughout the world

At BCM Public Relations, our expertise extends through all media – across traditional printed magazines or journals, online industry media, social media, your web presence and marketing collateral, award entries, conferences, or other events. Our PR specialists and experienced oil & gas journalists, will help you position your message, manage your brand and plan communications for maximum impact in your target market areas, whether they be a specific industry segment, geographical sector or the whole, global oil & gas industry!

An oil & gas PR agency with a proven track record

Technical knowledge and understanding of oil & gas processes have been a key part of our success as a specialized oil & gas PR agency. We have worked for decades within the industry and have close contacts with major oil & gas publications. Our teams work tirelessly to get your profile raised and push the benefits of your technology, services, or expertise above that of your competition.

Communicating with all parts of the oil & gas industry

Whether you are targeting upstream, midstream, or downstream processing, or whether your customers are NOC’s IOC’s or EPC’s, our experience will help you reach the people you need to. From upstream to downstream, safety training to hydrocarbon accounting, digitisation to asset optimisation, pumps to drills heads, we have the proven technical knowledge and understanding to manage your communications, identify target audiences, create effective content and get that content published.

When it comes to the oil & gas industry, our experience in PR wins out

Oil & Gas PR Industry Experience

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Client Testimonial

Energy PR Testimonial from Dominic Köfner, Head of Group Corporate Communications, Vice President, MOL Group

Dominic Köfner, Previously Head of Group Corporate Communications, Vice President, MOL Group

BCM Public Relations has a deep understanding of both the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry worldwide. I have no hesitation in recommending BCM Public Relations.

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